1. Who is Sam?

I'm like a travel buddy, but better 😎  And I'm here to make your trips as stress free as possible...and to have some fun along the way, of course ✈️🍸

2. How can you help me?

I’ll organise all your trips in a beautiful itinerary. I'll also in touch anytime there is something you need to be aware of, like check-in reminders, weather forecasts, flight status or traffic estimation to the airport.

3. What is a travel itinerary?

In a nutshell, it's an organised list of your travel plans with the key information. Kind of like the folder you would carry around with your printed flight and hotel reservations, but this time I do all the organising for you ;)

4. Will you notify me when my flight is delayed?

Of course! I'll get in touch every time your flight status changes. That includes flight delays, but also when your flight is on time or when a gate or terminal is announced.

5. I'm not interested in some of the notifications. I just need [....]

No problem. You can always adjust which notifications you want to receive inside Options

6. How can I add a trip to my calendar?

This are the ones currently supported:
- Flight
- Train
- Car rental
- Car transfer
- Hotel
- Activity
- Meeting
- Restaurant

7. I have downloaded the app but I'm still not sure how it works :(

There is a more 'app oriented' FAQ you can access from the Options menu or by tapping here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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